About Us

Who We Are


We're a group of smart, friendly, and scrappy individuals who came together to make something truly great within our community. Our passion is relentless, our skills are meticulously honed, and our laughter never stops. Come in and visit us to start your new bike love affair and spend those hard earned dollars at a place where you can feel good about it.




What We Believe

  • We understand that a bike can be more than a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. It can mean freedom. 
  • A bike shop can be more than a place to make purchases and get repairs. It can be a place to meet your community.
  • A bike promotes sustainability. Not only as an alternative to cars, but buying used saves tons of waste from the landfill.

Honorary Mascot

Meet Merv! LBS's official shop greeter. He is always happy to help with all your shopping needs, especially when there are treats and kids involved. His big paws a great for a high five or a hand shake.